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A Message of Protection

Why do you homeschool?  I know first hand there are many reasons to home educate our kids.  If you stop and think about it, this is a wonderful freedom that we have to keep our kids at home and pour into them in a way that is completely right for them.  Teaching them absolutely everything!  So what would you do if this right of yours was taken away?  What if we as homeschoolers lost our freedom and the law required us to put our kids in a school?  Can you imagine the state defining, on our behalf, what an acceptable school is, thereby removing our right to choose?  The state of California has already defined what good healthcare is for our kids in passing SB 277 making it mandatory to vaccinate our kids in order to put them in private or public schools, instead of giving us as parents the right to make an educated choice.  Again, our freedom as home educators protects our right to not vaccinate our kids, as it causes us to be able to educate them at home.  So what can you do?  First you should know there are entities who’s sole mission is to protect home education from law makers or individuals who want to take it away.  The threat is real and it shouldn’t be ignored.  My first urging to you would be to join Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA).  The other group to support is Family Protection Ministries.  These two non-profit Christian ministries are absolutely invaluable to the existence of home schooling.  I myself supported CHEA for the 11 years I homeschooled and I wished I had known about FPM back then.  I’m not much of sales pitches but I will tell you this . . . when you support CHEA and FPM, you support all homeschoolers!  I ask that you please pray about this and that you educate yourselves about these two organizations.  Thank you.