Academy Days Co-op

"We start learning the minute we're born, Laura. And if we're wise, we don't stop until the Lord calls us home." Ma Ingalls

What is a homeschool Co-op?

The purpose behind Revival Christian Academy’s cooperative program is to create community and a sense of family by working together to educate our kids and encourage each other.  Our homeschool co-op is free to families who are enrolled in our PSP.

A homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Co-ops can be organized around academics, social time, the arts, activities, crafts, service work, or projects — or some combination of these.  Co-ops are more enrichment-oriented, with a focus on the arts, social time, or unique angles on traditional subjects. Children in these co-ops typically do most of their learning outside of their co-op, but a co-op is one more experience that builds their knowledge and provides them with a chance to be with friends or do something interesting. (

Co-ops are set up for team players. By its nature, you are going to have to do something to help. Please don’t join a co-op if you are going to drop off your child and run (unless it’s one of the rare programs where you pay for that privilege). Before you sign up, think of what you can offer the group. Is there a subject you are comfortable teaching to a small group? Can you offer administrative skills? Are you a good hall monitor or can you work in the nursery while other parents teach? (

Grassroots Homeschooling-Rewinding the Clock

In the early days of homeschooling parents  pooled their resources in order to get their kids the best education they could.  Parents were passionate about taking their kids from the public school environment or conformity and one-way learning to a place where kids could learn according to their learning style and preference.   Forming a homeschool cooperative has been my heart for the past three years, and the Lord has finally opened the door to bring this to Revival Christian Academy.  We are heading into an exciting new season at Revival Christian Academy by rewinding the clock to a simpler time to where parents are not only teaching, but are directing the content of what is taught by relying on their God-given skills and gifts that they will passionately impart upon the kids.  Every parent will play a roll (hence the name co-op/cooperative) to meet the needs of their fellow homeschool families.  You may be a parent who has a love of math, and would like to teach prealgebra to the kids, and maybe you need help teaching writing to your child, and there’s another mom who is gifted in that area and will be teaching a writing class.

To kick off our first year in this new chapter, we will be studying the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder through her books and we invite all enrolled kids to be a part of it.

A team of dedicated moms has come forward who are wanting to teach various things all based on the Little House theme, but in this co-op, all parents will be a part of the process whether it’s helping  with snack time, in class, watching kids on the playground, or cleaning up after class.  Remember, it’s a cooperative and things will only get done if everyone works together.  Some of the things that will be taught are sewing, history, writing and more, but we’ll release those details  on August 8th at the Launch Party .  Did I mention this is FREE and is only open to Revival Christian Academy families?

My prayer is that your family will find your home here with us and that you kids’ education will be greatly enriched!


Michelle Becerra
Director, Revival Christian Academy



2nd & 4th Wednesdays
September – May
9am – noon


September 12th & 26th ~ Little House in the Big Woods

October 10th & 24th ~ Little House on the Prairie

November 14th & 28th ~ Farmer Boy

December 12th ~ On the Banks of Plum Creek

January 16th & 30th ~ By the Shores of Silver Lake

February 13th & 27th ~ The Long Winter

March 13th & 27th ~ Little Town on the Prairie

April 10th ~ These Happy Golden Years

May 1st & 15th ~ The First Four Years

May 21st ~ Open House

Resources for Little House books:

Local Library & Used Bookstores (Physical or ebook): Friends of the Library locations in Murrieta, Friends of the Temecula Library
Discount websites (Physical or ebook): Amazon, Book Outlet, Thrift Books, Half Priced Books
Garage Sales and the Varagesale app are great places too.
Audio book apps: Audible, Scribd

*your library might also carry the books in ebook or audio form as well.

*Links are included where possible, hover over store and website names for direct access*