2019-2020 Field Trips*

One of the benefits of being enrolled in Revival Christian Academy is the field trips we plan for you.  Being part of a group can afford you the opportunity to participate in events that are only available to groups and not the individual.  Each year we strive to choose places to visit that can enrich a child’s education and ongoing studies.  



OCTOBER 8th  Tuesday

  • Night Under the StarsRevival Christian Fellowship Church 6-8 pm

Temecula Valley Astronomers will be here for this amazing night of star and planet gazing!  They’ll be bringing their giant telescopes for us to use and we’re guaranteed to see the Moon and all it’s craters,  so come on out for this family “field trip”.  We’ll be meeting on the back lawn of the church at 6 pm sharp.  Bring your own chair or blanket to sit on for the talk on stars and planets which is the first part of the evening.  It’s vital that we have complete darkness so please no flashlights or cell phone usage


NOVEMBER 18th Monday

-Water Cycle activity

-Water model demo on Metropolitan Water Districts water sources for customers (where our drinking water is coming from)

-Pictures and brief discussion of the pumps and the pumping plant.

-Scavenger Hunt

-there is limited space!

K-3rd   10-11 am

4-8th  11:30-1pm

DECEMBER 9th Monday

We will be meeting as a school in the parking lot of Armstrong Garden Center at 9:45 am sharp-we’ll be going in as a school where we will learn about plants, how they grow and we’ll take a tour of the center.  Each child should bring .70, a glass jar or small container with small rocks or glass beads on the bottom, large enough to fit a flower bulb.  We will be taking a class on how to plant our own flower bulbs.  Genesis 1:11-13 God created plants on the third day.

















Field Trip Policies

  • Be on time. Out of consideration for others, please be on time. There will not be a grace period. If you are late and the group has gone in, go to guest relations for further assistance.
  • Check In. When you arrive at the designated area, please check in with the Field Trip Coordinator.
  • Cancel if you cannot go. If you have signed up for a field trip and you cannot make it, please email Renee Shoemaker.
  • No Refunds. We do not give refunds on field trips or activities.
  • Adults and Children. We request that at least one parent attend with their children. This policy is mandatory and adults with children that are not their own who do not have these forms will not be allowed to participate in the activities. Only Revival Christian Academy families will be allowed on field trips; grandparents are also welcomed. Space is usually limited and we want to be sure that all of our families, who want to go, can.