Circle of Friends is a special club within RCA for boys and girls in kindergarten. The goal is to make and develop friendships in a Christ-centered atmosphere. The club meets at Revival twice a month October through May. Our desire is for our kindergarteners to get to know each other and make friends, while learning about the word of God.

The cost is $25.00 for the whole year, plus providing the snack for one or two meetings during the year-as assigned. In addition, all kindergarteners have a special graduation to look forward to in June! They will be wearing a cap and gown (with an additional small cost to be collected in spring semester).

Our theme for this 2016/2017 year will be “Fruits of the Spirit”. We will also be memorizing a Scripture passage throughout the year as well as practicing a song that your children will perform during graduation.

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Each meeting will include some of the following components: 

Circle Time: prayer requests, getting to know each other discussions, songs, memory verse work, Bible lesson, and a read-aloud.

Crafts:  theme based

Game Time: games inside and outside, to have fun and work on good sportsmanship.

Show & Tell: each child will have a couple of turns during the year to bring something from home and tell us about it. This is an easy introduction to speaking in front of others and very fun for the kids.