• Phone : 951-246-5657
  • Opening Time : Tuesday & Thursday 8am-3pm
  • Address : 29220 Scott Road Menifee, CA 92584

Contenders for the Faith

What is Contenders for the Faith?

Contenders for the Faith is a program that involves self-improvement and skill-building for young men. This 2017/2018 year we will be studying the Armor of God.  The three general aspects that we teach are:

Emphasis on Jesus and your child’s relationship with Him.

Scripture and godly thoughts or concepts are incorporated wherever possible.

Practical skills, some of which are real necessities.

Help in addressing those things that your son should know something about before he must make his own way in the world.

Importance of the family unit. Many of the skill requirements in this book will be aimed directly at helping you build family unity, even in the mundane everyday tasks of life.

Show our sons that the proper performance of duties and chores is an avenue of growing up and becoming responsible.

When and Where are Meetings Held?

Two times a month, from October through May at Revival Christian Fellowship.

What Does the Meeting Schedule Look Like?

2:00 pm – Set-up meeting room, Flag Salute, Opening Prayerhttp://www.revivalchristianacademy.com/parent-meeting-childcare/

2:10pm – Devotion and prayer requests

2:30pm – Study time with Instructor, Q&A on topic

3:15pm – Closing prayer, Clean-up room, Review topic for next meeting

3:30pm – Game time

3:45pm – Snack and playground

4:00pm – Go home

We look forward to serving Christ through the serving of our boys and making their time of learning fun and exciting.

Contact: Anthony Becerra contenders@revivalchristianacademy.com