Revival Readers ClubSpecial Note (updated 10-3-2016): Please follow the directions in our recent “Revival Readers Update” email to submit your December-March records to .

Revival Christian Academy is happy to offer a K-8 reading program for Revival’s Support Group families. The Revival Readers Club allows a more even playing field than other reading programs we’ve done in the past, while providing more frequent recognition and awards. The program allows students to keep track of their reading throughout the year as well as year-to-year. The program keeps track of students’ reading progress by word count. Don’t worry! You do not need to physically count every word yourself. We utilize the website for the word count. We also encourage the use of another website to test reading comprehension. Most likely, not every book your child reads will have a quiz for it, but this website does have several quizzes available.

Reading is fun!Here is how the program works:

  1. Download the AR Book Form:
  2. After your child finishes a book, go to, type in the title, click on the book they read, and write down the word count and reading level (ATOS Book Level).
  3. Submit completed form via email to Christine Rogers or give it to her directly at the new reading booth that will be set up at each monthly meeting. If you do not with to use the form, you may also send an email with student’s name, grade, book title, ATOS BL, and Word count included in the email.
  4. Christine will then input the information in the newly-created reading database. (It is recommended that you keep your own records as well.)

NOTE: If a book cannot be found on, you will need to estimate the number of words by counting the words on one page and multiplying by the number of pages.

AWARDS: A small reading gift will be awarded at each Teacher Meeting to any student who reads at least one book a month. Please make sure your student’s books are submitted by the end of each month, so they can receive their reading gift/certificate at the next Teacher Meeting. Children will be awarded a certificate at the following milestones (based on reading level, not necessarily student’s actual grade):

Kindergarten-3rd Grade:

  • 1,000 words (K only)
  • 5,000 words (K-1st only)
  • 10,000 words (K-2nd only)
  • 50,000 words (K-2nd only)
  • 100,000 words (K-3rd only)

4th-8th Grade (K-3rd are also eligible for these awards):

  • 250,000 words
  • 500,000 words
  • 750,000 words
  • 1,000,000 words
  • 1,500,000 words
  • 2,000,000 words
  • 3,000,000 and every million words thereafter

Revival ReadersAwards will be available at each monthly meeting for children reaching a milestone. The awards will be announced at graduation/promotion, so the kids will be publicly recognized as well. The great thing about this program is that once it starts, it has no end! Summer reading gives students a jump start for the following year. As previously stated, awards will be given for cumulative reading as well, meaning EVERY word counts from EVERY year they participate!

Program Notes:

  • Email book submissions are preferred. If you have questions about using the fillable Word form, please contact the webmaster or simply copy and paste the text from the PDF form into an email.
  • Printed forms will also be accepted for those who prefer to submit reading progress by hand rather than email.