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Revival Readers Club

Revival Christian Academy is happy to offer a K-8 reading incentive program for our families.  The program allows students and parents to keep track of their reading throughout the school year. The program keeps track of students’ reading progress by word count. Don’t worry! You do not need to physically count every word yourself. We utilize the website arbookfind.com for the word count.

Reading is fun!Here is how the program works:

Be sure your child is selecting books that are appropriate for their reading level.  Keep track of your child’s word count for each book they read and turn that number into us twice a year. :


Monthly Word Count – Download (.docx)

Yearly Word Count – Download (.docx)


AUGUST-DECEMBER word count must be turned in before end of January
JANUARY-APRIL word count, must be turned in by second week in May

(trophy’s and prizes must be ordered in time for graduation.)

  1. After your child finishes a book, go to arbookfind.com, type in the title, click on the book they read, and write down the word count and reading level (ATOS Book Level).
  2. Submit completed form via email to Stephanie Vasquez at rcarevivalreaders@gmail.com before deadlines stated above.  FORM COMING SOON!

NOTE: If a book cannot be found on http://www.arbookfind.com/, you will need to estimate the number of words by counting the words on one page and multiplying by the number of pages.

OPTIONAL MONTHLY AWARDS: A small gift will be awarded at each Teacher Meeting to any student who reads at least one book a month, and whose parent submits their word count 2 days before the following month’s Parent Meeting.  You will submit this monthly word count on this form (coming soon).

Children will be awarded a certificate at the following milestones:

Kindergarten-3rd Grade:

  • 1,000 words (K only)
  • 5,000 words (K-1st only)
  • 10,000 words (K-2nd only)
  • 50,000 words (K-2nd only)
  • 100,000 words (K-3rd only)

4th-8th Grade (K-3rd are also eligible for these awards):

  • 250,000 words
  • 500,000 words
  • 750,000 words
  • 1,000,000 words
  • 1,500,000 words
  • 2,000,000 words
  • 3,000,000 and every million words thereafter

Revival Readers