YearbookThe Yearbook is such a fun way for your children to look back on their school year, even as they get older! They can reflect on fun times with friends, subjects and lessons learned, and all the other memories that make homeschooling so remarkable!

Your photo submissions are what make our yearbook great.

Photos Needed!

Submit photos using LINK (provided by Entourage Yearbooks). The “Entourage Yearbooks LINK”  App has been updated for iPhone and is now available for Android! Download the App, and simply upload pictures from your phone.

Or, if email is an easier option, follow this steps:

  1. A new email has been set up just for the yearbook:
  2. Please group pictures by each event or photo type (such as “family photo,” “Legoland,” “Park Day,” etc.)
  3. ONE event/type per email sent (but multiple pictures per email is fine)
  4. Label the event/type of picture(s) in the Subject Line