Motivating Chore Charts


Our kids (ages 6 & 4) enjoy helping around the house and each child has their own set of chores. Some days the kids get them done and then excitedly come running to tell me that they accomplished with a huge smile because of their achievement. It warms my heart when this happens. Then there are other days when I must tell them to do their chores multiple times, which leads to me being the naggy mom and sometimes a not so happy conversation. Recently, my son mentioned he felt defeated when I asked him to do his chores because he had failed to not remember to do them on his own.  He took the initiative to suggest that I make him a reminder list and I thought that was a great idea so that is exactly what we did.

I sat down with the kids and we talked about the different things that need to be done around the house daily/weekly.  The kids were excited to help mom come up with our new chore charts.   We made 2 different charts; a daily chart/weekly chart.  I laminated the charts so that we can use dry erase markers on them.  (FREE Downloads of these charts available)

I made picture icons for the different chores, laminated them, and cut them out. Then I put Velcro adhesives (available at the dollar store, or tape works great also) on the back of each chore icon, and placed Velcro adhesive on the chart in the chore boxes so that we can change out chores as needed. For the weekly chart, I highlighted in yellow the days that each core needs to be completed.

Each day as my kids complete the chore, they use a dry erase marker to “X” the chore box for that day. This works great because it helps me to see what chores have been done and they are reminded what chores to do without me having to tell them.  They are rewarded for completing their chores at the end of the week. We give each child $2.00 a week if they have completed their chores.

Teaching our kids, a good work ethic and simple life skills are important to my husband and I.   In Colossians 3:23 the bible says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”  This is the attitude that we are encouraging our children to have when doing their chores.  Giving each child a set of chores, we have seen that they have taken ownership and become responsible for their jobs, at the same time taking pride in what they are doing to contribute to the family.  Kids thrive when there are clear boundaries, direction, and order.  They love to be given opportunities to learn new things and to help around the house.  May the Lord bless you and your family as you purse teaching your children a good work ethic that is glorifying to Him.


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July Interest Meeting

Have you ever thought about taking the leap from regular school to homeschooling? If you have, our ministry Revival Christian Academy is here to help! Our goal is to support, encourage, and help you get started on your homeschool journey. If you are interested in finding out more about the legal options for homeschooling in California and want to know if Revival Christian Academy is right for your family, then attend our Homeschool Interest Meeting on Sunday, July 21 at 2:00 PM in the Loft at Revival Christian Fellowship.

Belonging to Community

Each day, I am overjoyed to be able to homeschool my children and my life has become richly blessed by educating my children in a home environment. Not only has God given me the opportunity to homeschool, but he has provided all the resources we need to both spiritually and materially accomplish our mission to educate our children. Yet, our experience in teaching our children through homeschooling would be incomplete without a community to share all our experiences, trials, lessons, joys, pictures, and lots of fun. Although the homeschool experience takes place at home, with most of the time being amongst siblings, the aspect of community fellowship is essential for a robust and healthy homeschool family life for your children, and yes, you too!

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Don’t Let Fear Keep You

I can remember looking back almost four years ago when I first decided I was going to homeschool my children.  I had experienced a very powerful sense of fear. This felt much like dread and anxiousness of impending failure. I know now after speaking with many parents who have raised home school children, that this is an all too common emotion that all parents feel as they begin this journey. Even now in my encounters with brand new homeschool moms that are just entering the battlefield, deciding to homeschool their children. I want to encourage each one of you that knowing God’s Word will help you to overcome this fear.

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Academy Days Are Here!

Academy Days Are Here!

It is finally here, time to get together and dive into the amazing world of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Our first Academy Day is this Wednesday, September, 12th 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Make sure to bring lunch for yourself and your kiddos to eat and play with their friends after class. See you on Wednesday!

Academy Days CO-OP-Grassroots Homeschooling


RCA Has Gone Cooperative!

You heard that right, we are going CO-OP! Back in the early days, homeschooling families came together, using each other strengths and resources to give their kids the best education they could, forming a CO-OP.  Academic subjects can be taught in a cooperative learning environment however, we are going with a more enrichment-oriented focus. We want to build the relationships in our homeschooling families, strengthening those life long friendships. In a co-op you are part of the team, we all contribute in some way or another. Think about where your talents and skill are that you can offer to the group. We are so incredibly excited about this new adventure. Keep your eyes open for more information on what we will be covering in our Academy Days this fall.