On the first Tuesday of every month, Revival Christian Academy holds a parent’s meeting (childcare is provided by way of registration for $5.00 per child and is due upon registration).  These parent meetings are informative and provide education and training to help our parents fine-tune their teaching and parenting skills. This time will also provide mutual support and encouragement, important school business, and activity sign-ups. HSLDA recommends a minimum of four classes a year to inform and educate parents with current academic information. Our Support Group more than satisfies the HSLDA requirement per year. Meetings start promptly at 7:00 pm and will conclude at approximately 9:00 pm. To be considered present, one parent must attend the full meeting. Missing more than two meetings can result in dismissal from RCA.

In previous years our parent meetings have been mostly attended by moms as the dads stay at home with the kids, however we feel strongly that because the husband is the head of the house hold, and is ultimately responsible to the Lord for his family, that dads should make every effort to attend our meetings.  Because we want fathers to attend, we have made childcare available for our parent meetings.  However, if dad cannot come, and you need childcare, we welcome you to sign up for it, we do recognize the need.  As a courtesy we provide paid staff to watch kids ages 2-10 for a fee of $5.00 per child.  This was not always available for RCA families, but in recent years we are able to provide this as long as there are enough employees for our demand.  We ask that each family respect and follow the rules below:


  • Children are not invited to attend parent meetings (the only exception is a baby not yet walking).  Parent meetings are for parents.
  • Kids signed up for childcare must fall within the age limits of 2-10 (being honest is important and we do have the ages of your children on file-please do not say your child is another age than what they really are)
  • Childcare is the responsibility of the parent-NOT RCA.  We release the schedule of parent meetings each summer to give parents ample time to attain childcare for their kids for the upcoming school year.
  • You are permitted to miss ONLY 2 parent meetings per year-more than that can cause an automatic discharge from the school.
  • DO NOT bring sick kids to childcare.
  • We do not give refunds for childcare if canceled after the deadline.


September 3rd 7-9 pm Orientation

October 1st 7-9 pm Guest Speaker

November 5th 7-9 pm Friendsgiving

December 4th 12-3 pm (drop off)

January 7th 7-9 pm Guest Speaker

February 4th 7-9 pm Guest Speaker

March 3rd 7-9 pm Potluck & Town hall Meeting

April 7th 7-9 pm Guest Speaker

May 5th 7-9 pm Curriculum Share

June 2nd 10-11:30 am (Graduation Rehearsal)

If you are interested in homeschooling but are not enrolled in Revival Christian Academy, you are welcome to drop in for any one of our meetings.