Join us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month for our Academy Days co-op!

What is a homeschool co-op?

The purpose behind Revival Christian Academy’s cooperative program is to create community and a sense of family by working together to educate our kids and encourage each other. Our homeschool co-op is free to enrolled families.

“A homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Co-ops can be organized around academics, social time, the arts, activities, crafts, service work, or projects — or some combination of these. Co-ops are more enrichment-oriented, with a focus on the arts, social time, or unique angles on traditional subjects. Children in these co-ops typically do most of their learning outside of their co-op, but a co-op is one more experience that builds their knowledge and provides them with a chance to be with friends or do something interesting.” (

“Co-ops are set up for team players. By its nature, you are going to have to do something to help. Please don’t join a co-op if you are going to drop off your child and run (unless it’s one of the rare programs where you pay for that privilege). Before you sign up, think of what you can offer the group. Is there a subject you are comfortable teaching to a small group? Can you offer administrative skills? Are you a good hall monitor or can you work in the nursery while other parents teach?” (

Grassroots Homeschooling-Rewinding the Clock

In the early days of homeschooling parents, pooled their resources to get their kids the best education they could. Parents were passionate about taking their kids from the public school environment or conformity and one-way learning to a place where kids could learn according to their learning style and preference. Forming a homeschool cooperative has been my heart for the past four years, and the Lord has finally opened the door to bring this to Revival Christian Academy. We are heading into an exciting new season at Revival Christian Academy by rewinding the clock to a simpler time to where parents are teaching and directing the content of what is taught by relying on their God-given skills and gifts that they will passionately impart upon the kids.

Every parent will play a role (hence the name co-op/cooperative) to meet their fellow homeschool families’ needs. You may be a parent who has a love of math and would like to teach prealgebra to the kids, and maybe you need help teaching writing to your child, and there’s another mom who is gifted in that area and will be teaching a writing class.

In our co-op, all parents will be a part of the process, whether helping with snack time, in class, watching kids on the playground, or cleaning up after class. Remember, it’s cooperative, and things will only get done if everyone works together. Did I mention this is FREE and is only open to Revival Christian Academy families?
My prayer is that your family will find your home here with us and that your kids’ education will be enriched!


Michelle Becerra
Director, Revival Christian Academy


Kelly Alcala

"An amazing time of learning, laughter and loving the Lord. Such a wonderful time teaching our children together and building relationships with one another."

Lisa Durant

"We love Academy Days! My kids enjoy learning alongside their friends, laughing and playing. I enjoy the sweet fellowship with the moms as we spur each other on in this blessed journey."

Tiffany Groff

"Academy Days has helped me as a homeschool mom to know I wasn't alone, to learn from other moms while my kids are growing in their friendships."

Angela Borunda

"We love the fellowship and the hands-on learning experiences and building solid, Godly relationships with other families. It was our first year, and we were blessed by it."

Kelly Suarez

"Academy Days is a unique opportunity for kids to come together and learn in a Christ-centered environment. The moms are able to build friendships as they serve alongside one another. It is an amazing co-op and we are so thankful to be a part of it!"

Alison Bond

"We absolutely love Academy Days. . . I love coming together with other mom's and teaching our children fun and exciting lessons that include a biblical message. Academy Days gives our children the opportunity to learn together in a group setting and knit together life long friendships. Academy Days is truly a unique co-op that we love being a part of."

Whitney McGee

". . . Academy Days are days my children always look forward to. As homeschool families we miss out on some of the 'classroom' experiences but at Academy Days we get our hearts full. . ."

Millie Hickman

"We just love RCA Academy Days. My girls are always so excited and cannot wait to see their friends . . . being able to to build friendships with the other parents and working together has truly been a blessings."

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2021 2022 Apologetics through Animals


Lambs (2-4 year olds)

This will be our first year to introduce a preschool class for our 2-4 year kids.  This class will mirror the K-3 classes in that the kids will be learning about God and His creation each week though a different animal.

Kangaroos (K-1st Grade), Eagles (1st/2nd Grade), Lions (2nd/3rd Grade)


In this class we will be learning about God’s Creation (animals). We will show how animals are intelligently designed by God (creator) and defy the idea of Evolution. The students will learn how to share and defend their faith by pointing to God’s creation. Classes will include Bible, Animal Science, and Arts and Crafts.

Please be on time and ready to learn.

Course Materials Needed: Tool Kit, Bible,and:







Boys Bible Study (4th-11th)


This class will be a discussion based class. No books or materials are required other than the sword of the Spirit, God’s Holy Word and a notepad/pen for note taking. Any extra materials will be provided to the students. We will open our class in prayer. Then follow a lecture style which engages the students in discussion with questions and answers. We will focus on maneuvering through the Bible to search out scriptures, reading those scriptures out loud and discussing those scriptures in light of the concepts we are covering. I will give them focused directed homework aimed at scripture verses and/or concepts to consider to prepare them for the upcoming topics we will be discussing. We will then close in prayer. Writing will be limited and vary based on the individual student. Extra biblical material will be processed and funneled through the lens of scripture.

Course Materials bible (required) & Tool Kit


Girls Bible Study (4th-11th)


The class includes opening activity/game and reading the myths in the book noted below. We’ll be focusing on answering questions about who God is, who Jesus is, how to defend our faith, and more. Also, looking up Bible verses and answering the “Brain Food” questions. No homework is required except to prepare for presentation day. Student can use their book and the notes they will take during class to prepare for their presentation.

Course Materials (required)

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Bible, Tool Kit, Book will be provided

Critical Thinking (4th-11th)


This course will introduce students to critical thinking and teach them how to identify bad reasoning. Students will learn 35 new terms associated with fallacies and how to identify them as detectives do. Students will learn to be better listeners, see errors in logic, recognize bad reasoning, discuss, and identify many commonly used fallacies. The course will incorporate student participation including games and role playing to solidify understanding of key concepts. When students complete this course, they will acquire the tools and techniques on how to spot bad reasoning, put a higher value on good reasoning, and know how to avoid fallacies in their own reasoning.


Required book: The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn & Hans Bluedorn
and Tool Kit

Dance (4th-11th) (Fall semester)

This course will give our children the opportunity to learn about the cultural aspects of the Hawaiian people; through their traditions and stories passed down by way of dance, both modern (Hula ‘Auana) and ancient (Hula Kahiko), as well as their language and daily practices. This semester long class will aim to teach students the five basic footwork movements, hand motions pertaining to the songs (Mele) practiced, as well as basic beginner Hawaiian language (‘Olelo). At the end of the course, we pray that your child will not only gain an understanding and respect for the Hawaiian people and their land, but their legacies and stories that have been passed through their generations.

Materials Needed:

-Pareo/ Sarong or Pa’u Skirt (Links below) for girls
-Loose shorts and shirt for boys
-For Girls: Hair pulled back from face as well as a flower in hair (preferred)
-Bare feet
-Flat Folder to hold Hula Handouts

Pareo Purchase: Can be purchased on Amazon, usually anywhere from $8-15 depending on size.

Pa’u Skirt Purchase: Etsy is a great resource for multiple prints and colors


If you’re feeling crafty, the following are links and tutorials on how to make both:


Modern Dance (Spring Semester)

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to different
artforms of dance in a safe environment that does not focus
on the external.
Contrasting a world that accepts self-importance and image
as the focus of a dancer, we will embrace new ways of
movement without the worry of “looks”. Therefore, they will
not need typical dance studio equipment or prior experience;
but will grow in individual technique as we rely on The Holy
Warm ups, across the floor, and choreography will be
explored in ballet, modern, and contemporary techniques.
We will also be participating in a few Christian Yoga videos
( and Classical Stretch workouts by
Miranda Esmonde-White.
I believe dance is an important outlet God has given us, and
that our well-being cannot be authentic without a mix of
creativity to balance all the productivity we must endeavor in
‘For in Him we live and move and have our being…” Acts17:28a


Arts & Crafts 4th-12th grade

We will be dividing the year up between 4 teachers who will be teaching drawing, to cooking to handcrafts and more!  Don’t like to teach arts and crafts? Don’t feel creative?  We will take care of it for you.

Required supplies: Tool Kit