There are different ways to think about testing.  Usually, when we talk about testing, parents get anxious on behalf of their kids, but this does not have to be.  We like to think of annual standardized testing simply as a tool that helps parents determine what areas their kids may need extra assistance in.  Unlike other schools, we do not share your kids’ test scores with any state or government entity.  These scores are for you the parent, and you alone.

When you are enrolled in Revival Christian Academy, we require parents to have their kids tested once a year, starting in the eighth to tenth grade. However, we highly recommend you start testing in sixth grade. If your kids need improvement on areas before entering jr. high and high school, having testing done beforehand can prepare a parent to make necessary changes. We welcome parents to participate in testing for their students no earlier than third grade.

When your student enters eleventh grade, we highly recommend that you take your student to have the CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL PROFICIENCY EXAM (on your own).



The testing that we offer is the following battery of tests based on Christian education:

IOWA Assessments E-Test

$50 per child

Testing dates are as follows:

Tuesday May 17, 2022 9:00 AM-1:30 PM
Wednesday May 18, 2022, 9:00 AM-1:30 PM 

10 Reasons to Test

  1. Testing is a “tool” parents can use to see where their student generally excels and struggles and where a child needs more focus and help in certain subjects.
  2. testing can help parents determine if curriculum is working for their student
  3. Standardized testing helps a parent of a middle schooler prepare their student for the rigors of high school
  4. Testing will be required of every high schooler in order to exit high school in the State of CA.
  5. Testing will be required of every high schooler headed into a 4 year college.
  6. Testing an elementary student can give a parent ample time to work on areas of challenge and to review and master basic concepts.
  7. Life is filled with tests and kids need to learn that
  8. Testing lends credibility to a child’s homeschool journey and a parent’s teaching abilities.
  9. Testing proves you are schooling your child.
  10. Testing provides an opportunity for the parent to teach their student how to study and prepare for a test and to do their best.