Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool


Last year I was at a leadership conference of Christian homeschool support group leaders, and we participated in a town hall meeting.  We were asked the question, “Why is private Christian homeschooling still a good thing?“.  I was greatly impressed by the variety of given answers, and they all made me think and appreciate our freedom to homeschool in California.  I’ve selected the top 10 for you.

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Academy Days CO-OP-Grassroots Homeschooling

RCA Has Gone Cooperative!

You heard that right. We are going to CO-OP! Back in the early days, homeschooling families came together, using each other strengths and resources to give their kids the best education they could, forming a CO-OP.  Academic subjects can be taught in a cooperative learning environment. However, we are going with a more enrichment-oriented focus. We want to build relationships in our homeschooling families, strengthening those life long friendships. In a co-op, you are part of the team. We all contribute in some way or another. Think about where your talents and skill are that you can offer to the group. We are so incredibly excited about this new adventure. Please keep your eyes open for more information on what we will be covering in our Academy Days this fall.