My Little Corner

I love getting organized for school, so we created a designated workspace for our two kids in Kindergarten and first grade this summer. It was a fun project my husband and I did together. We designed it to fit in the corner of our living room since our house is on the smaller side, and we needed to maximize space. Seriously, it was easy and fun to build.

We bought crates from Michaels, which we used as the desk legs, and they also nicely doubled to provide shelf storage. Then we found 2ft x 6ft tabletop boards at Home Depot that we used as the desktops, and we fastened them on to the crates using metal brackets. Finally, we added a coat of paint and some then applied some waterproofing coating to the desk surface for durability. Check out Pinterest lots of ideas for DIY desks. We are not professional woodworkers, and this desk isn’t perfect by any means, but it is ideal for what we use it for.

Being organized is necessary for homeschooling (don’t let that scare you away, you can do it)! I like to have everything we use for school organized in my house, curriculum, manipulatives, art materials, paper, pencils, etc. All the contents are arranged so the kids can navigate and find stuff easily independently, which promotes independence, plus the kids have their desk, which they love. This homeschool corner has been such a big help in keeping the house from getting littered/cluttered with schoolwork and supplies.

School at home isn’t done like school in a classroom.  We are not held captive by our desks all the time; we have the freedom to move around as needed. My kids’ would not enjoy sitting in one spot doing their schoolwork, and to be frank, neither would I. We like to do school all over the house and outside. We do school on the couch (my fav), the kitchen table, the backyard (Kenny’s fav), or in Kate’s room with her kitchen or dollhouse (Kate’s fav). It’s an all-day thing with natural transitions between all these wonderful places we call HOME. Learning ALL subjects centered in CHRIST: math, science, history, reading, language arts, cooking, cleaning, respecting others, homemaking inside and out, gardening, and the list can go on.  I am thankful to God for the opportunity to raise these children to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. There is not a better place to do this than at home. So whether you choose to have a designated homeschool corner or not, I pray that the Lord blesses your family and your home as you kick off another year of training up your children in the ways of the Lord.

Love Ya,

Lisa Durant, RCA Homeschool Mom

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