Welcome to Your New Family!

Dear Parents,

When I decided to start homeschooling our son Jack in 2001, there was little to no support for me in our area.  I had contacted several so-called support groups in the valley and was repeatedly told that I wasn’t able to join because I was a first-year homeschooler; I would take up too much of their time.  I’d most likely be too needy.  They didn’t have time for me, and so on.  Although I recognized the need to have a legal covering and knew there were homeschool groups in our area, it was impossible to find one to accept our family.  To be honest, I was livid; I thought this was ridiculous and I felt labeled like I now belonged to an elite group of high-maintenance outcasts that wasn’t worth anyone’s time.  Undeterred from the mission the Lord put before me, I pulled my son from 2nd grade private school and started schooling him.  It took two years until I found Revival Christian Academy, and when I did, I knew I was home!  I flung myself into the ministry and got involved.  I belonged to a small group of moms, and I forced myself to push beyond my comfort zone and reach out to others.  I somehow knew that to succeed at this, I needed a family to belong to that was doing the same thing.  So I made friends and immersed myself in homeschooling.

You see, I’ve been where you are.  I’ve been unsure, overwhelmed, ill-equipped and just straight up scared!  Scared that I was going to mess my kid up, scared I wasn’t going to be able to teach the concepts he needed to know, and scared that I wasn’t going to teach him enough.  There may be nothing we can say that can remove those feelings for you, but my hope is that by being here with fellow homeschool parents, both experienced and newly baptized into our family, you will find the support and comfort you need to successfully educate your kids as God has called you to do.  You are now part of a family.  A family that has been set apart and a family on a mission.  So welcome  to your school, to your new family and God bless you as you start your homeschool year!

In Christ,


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