The Bible is the single most important book to a Christian’s life. As Christian parents we have a limited time frame to teach and train our children to know and love God’s Word. Learning to memorize Scripture is a powerful way to equip our children for adulthood. We don’t know what the future holds for our kids as individuals or for Christians in America as a whole, but one thing is certain…storing God’s Word will prepare our precious daughters to live according to God’s ways.

Brimming Hearts is a Scripture memory club born out of a desire to connect girls in a fun environment to memorize Scripture together. Girls will write God’s Word on their hearts through learning interesting facts, playing games, rehearsing aloud, fun activities and friendly competitions. The girls will grow in their ability to recall the Word of God.

Each club week the girls will learn a new Bible verse. It’s important that they practice the verse after club time. Please ask them what they learned and how the Bible verse applies to their life. The goal isn’t mindless memorization but to truly internalize and digest God’s Word. During our time together, we will:

  • Discuss what the Bible verse means
  • Look at key words and share any interesting facts about them
  • Reflect on what the verse means to them personally
  • Consider why it’s important to know this verse
  • Rewrite the verse on 3 index cards
  • Do an activity or play a game to help with memorization


The Girls will be asked to do the following between club days:


  • Tell someone what they learned. The more they talk about it the more the verse goes from short-term memory to long-term memory.
  • Take the 3 index cards with the Bible verse and place them in 3 different places at home (example: bedroom, bathroom and by her school desk or binder)
  • Rehearse the Bible verse out loud.
  • They will be tested on the next club day. Testing is a powerful technique for memorization. It’s not meant to be a burden but a tool. And there will be fun prizes!


What you can do as the parents:


  • Be Interested: After club time ask you daughter what she learned (both mom and dad!) Ask to see her Scripture memory worksheet and discuss it.
  • Be an Example: Memorize the verses with her.