This round of “Secret Sisters” begins September 7th and runs through December 9th, 2021

Reveal Party & Potluck Dinner December 9th 6-8:30 pm at the Loft!

Secret Sisters is a ministry between you and another “Sister” in our school family. You become her silent prayer partner and secret encourager for the next 4 months. She won’t know who you are, but she will know you are there…praying for her and her family’s needs. Secret Sisters is about encouraging, supporting, and enriching one another in prayer, as well as with personal notes, cards and small, inexpensive gifts. It is our hope that during these few months your own prayer life will bring you into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ as you lift her sister and her needs to Him in prayer.

Register to participate by filling out a Secret Sister Information Sheet (attached). Please give your completed form to Michelle Becerra (Secret Sisters Coordinator) or Jem. Each participant will then receive the information sheet of the sister whose name she drew, giving the secret sister some insight into her new sister’s likes and most importantly her prayer requests.


  1. Understand that this is a commitment for a 4 month period.
  2. Pray daily for your sister. This will strengthen you just as much as it will benefit her.
  3. Encourage her! Send her cards, notes, etc. at least once a month (more often if possible!)
  4. Keep her a secret! Don’t let her know who you are & don’t tell anyone else who she is! That way the secret sisters reveal party will be more fun!
  5. Remember your secret sister on her special occasions. From her information sheet, make a note of her special dates on your calendar: her birthday, anniversary, and any upcoming holidays. Tip: if her birthday does not occur within these next 4 months, you can choose any day during this timeframe to celebrate her birth!


  1. Ideas for encouragement: ANYTHING FROM THE HEART! We all enjoy getting cards, thoughtful notes, poems, and bookmarks. Review her info sheet and see what she likes. E.g. Wrap her favorite candy in a note that says she is sweet. Give her a cutting from one of your own houseplants to start a new plant in her home. Gather a posy of her favorite flowers, tied with a ribbon in her favorite color. Remember to keep gifts small. The purpose of this ministry is to glorify the Lord by lifting up your sister in Christ. It’s not about the material things but a way to show love toward your sister in Christ. Home baked treats and hand-made items are always a favorite!
  2. How to deliver items to her (secretly):
  • One option is to bring cards or gifts to the church and leave them at the RCA office, or the designated table at the Parent meetings. TIP: To further ensure secrecy, have someone else make the drop for you!
  • You can send cards small items directly to her through the U.S. mail. TIP: try to disguise your handwriting, use alphabet stickers, or use someone else’s handwriting.

Ladies, thank you for choosing to participate in this important, uplifting, and fun ministry! Look at this opportunity to strengthen and grow the prayer lives and fellowship of our church’s sisterhood. You might receive an occasional email or see reminders posted on our website and Facebook pages to remember your sister. Be a blessing to this person just as someone else will be a blessing to you.

**VERY IMPORTANT: If for some reason, you are unable to continue as a secret sister, please contact Michelle or Jem for assistance. Likewise, if you do not hear from your secret sister for a period of 4-6 weeks, please notify Michelle.