Our Team

Michelle Becerra

Anthony and I are happily married, dedicating our lives to serving the Lord through our passions in chiropractic and homeschooling. When Revival Homeschool started in 2003, I gratefully enrolled our son Jack in Revival Homeschool. For eleven years, I homeschooled him until his senior year in high school. During that time, I actively served as a small group leader in ministry. After his graduation, the Lord called me back to Revival Homeschool to become the director and advocate for private homeschoolers in California. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with parents, encouraging them in their natural abilities to educate their children. In addition, I cherish my family, including our new grandson, and nurture my love of nature through gardening and art on our family property.

Charmaine Sabo

Hello! I am the Events and Hospitality coordinator at Revival Homeschool. I have a passion for creating memorable experiences. My journey began with attending public school, followed by a unique homeschooling upbringing with a stint of private schooling woven in between. Being homeschooled inspired me to provide the same experience for my three children. With 19 years of marriage, I cherish family values and my faith, finding joy in my relationship with the Lord. Beyond my professional life, I’m equally enthusiastic about culinary adventures and homesteading, embracing the pleasures of cooking and cultivating a nurturing home environment.

Jameah “Jem” Marcelin

As a college student, I have a passion for homeschooling and a strong devotion to the Lord. My journey involves gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality education at home. Additionally, I am committed to serving in the church in any capacity I can while indulging in my love for reading—this love for reading fuels both personal growth and a deep understanding of the world.