Workshop Objectives
Workshop 1: Intro to RCA’s Young Entrepreneurs 10/14  2-4 pm

1.       Introduce students to the meaning of entrepreneurship and how to think like an entrepreneur.

2.       Share how God’s Word directs entrepreneurs in addressing hard work, money, and service.

3.       Share experiences and credentials from active and credible business owners in the RCA community.

4.       Assess and understand students’ business interests, gifts, and goals.

5.       Implement God’s Word through prayer to assist students select appropriate service callings.


Workshop 2: Transitioning Ideas to Business Model Creation 11/4  2-4 pm

1.       Align business models with students’ gifts, passion, business opportunities, and community needs.

2.       Provide structural guidance and tools on how to transition business ideas to product/service business models.

3.       Answer the key questions that entrepreneurs need to answer before starting a business.

4.       Guide students on how to pivot or evolve the business when circumstances change.

5.       Encourage students to engage in outside the classroom activities to enhance the entrepreneurial experience.


Workshop 3: Marketing Preparation for RCA Booth Sales Setup 11/18  2-4 pm

1.       Guide students on how to market their business model based on product, price, promotion, and place.

2.       Prepare talking points for RCA booth pitch.

3.       Simulate draft RCA booth pitch with peers.

4.       Encourage students to practice RCA booth pitch outside of class with friends and family.


Workshop 4: Rehearsal and Showtime 12/7  10-1 pm

1.       Rehearse RCA booth pitch.

2.       Set up booth.

3.       Have fun, make money, and glorify God!